Chonta T. A. Haynes

Loss Transition & Biblical Money Management Expert

"I empower women to transition triumphantly after loss (divorce, death or business) - to gain confidence to live life fully on their terms with peace and financial security."

I didn’t think my life would be like this…

I had dreams that my family functions would look like the 'soul food' movie … you know the matriarch at the head of the table and everyone gathered around each Sunday… conversations would be easy and everyone would enjoy each others company… movies and real life usually don’t materialize.

Point is... I had high hopes and because we can’t control what others think or do… life happens.

  • I got acquainted with grief when my middle daughter passed away 3 days before her 11th birthday. Life didn't seem to have the same luster for a while. The void changed the direction of my career and my focus.
  • I got the rug pulled out from under me when my husband asked for a divorce. 💔(almost 30 years and a lifetime of sacrifice) Yes, I was devastated, anxious, ashamed… after all I was a prayer warrior and leader in the church. I was unsure of what my financial future would look like!
  • Then there was the pandemic and normal wasn't any longer. Major job transition... I felt like I was flying in the air without an airplane. 

Every change left me wondering what was next? What should I do? How could I be secure emotionally and financially?

During the course of navigating my journey, I realized that women devastated by divorce or death, 90% of the time end up like I was... hiding in the shadows wanting the life they sacrificed for and a future that matches their efforts.

  • What we can't control is someone else's feelings... AND
  • We can't control the system that is typically stacked against us.
  • But what we can control is how we manage the finances that we do have, walking in abundance...
  • We can effectively build confidence and gain inner peace...
  • There is a smart way to move forward and live life to the fullest!


Here’s what I realized:

💎 You will only go as far as what you are willing to leave behind.

💎 Life often doesn’t turn out the way we expect but it doesn’t minimize our impact! It’s time to take back your life and gain the freedom and enjoyment you sacrificed so much to attain.

💎 God won’t give you a calling that you can’t answer! That’s because the call isn’t just about you, it’s about what God wants to do through you!

💎 The world needs you to shine like the jewel you are! See yourself through the eyes of the cross and navigate the bumpy roads as well as the smooth.

💎 It’s time for the Queen in you to arise so you can walk in your inheritance!


Can I help you adjust your crown? 

💜 My programs provide the shoulder you need with no judgment only experience with sound advice. 

💜 I will be the catalyst to move you forward removing regret, hurt, shame and disappointment saving years of self-guidance.

💜 I help you ease those 'moment' so that you can press on with comfort from the Word in your dark seasons.

💜 Together we will re-frame your story, re-invent your authentic self and re-imagine a brighter future.


"Your heart may be broke but your bank account doesn't have to be!"


Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes empowers women to confidently live life with peace and financial security. Through her Amazon Best Selling books, coaching programs and Keynotes, she equips with Biblically based resources. From her experience and degrees in engineering, theology and Christian counseling she balances logic and faith. Known as the Loss Transition Coach and Biblical Money Management expert, she simplifies complex problems and creates actionable and effective solutions with sustainable results. To succeed in these challenging times, individuals and organizations turn to Dr. Chonta to provide strategies that work. As CEO and Founder of Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries and Heart 2 Heart Truth Foundation her mission is to help you put feet to your faith so that you can walk victoriously.

Here are some of the reasons you can depend on Dr. Haynes to help you put feet to your faith and walk victoriously:

  • REPUTABLE: A respected leader in her field and community
  • EXPERIENCED: Exciting, inviting, encouraging fire cracker personality in Biblical Teaching since 2005.
  • INTEGRITY: Doing all with excellence as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23)
  • RESOURCES: Offering a wide variety of development and training programs built on wisdom principles that get results.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: All curriculum can be customized to specifically address your individual and organizational needs.
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From Grief To Gain: Financial Healing After Heartbreak  

Written by Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes

This eBook is one of Dr. Haynes' most popular publications available as a free download. In this you will learn:

  • Effective tools to transform from wounded to confident
  • Scriptural verses that strengthen and heal your spirit
  • Strategies to escape the quicksand of stress and anxiety
  • The smart way to move forward to financial freedom

What People Are Saying:

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Cyndi S

"BEFORE: I'm sitting here in tears listening to your message. I'm so discouraged about my financial situation and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm $9000 in credit card debt and it's sucking the life out of me. I've been struggling financially FOR YEARS and I'm tired. I want to believe God will turn it around but I also know I have to pay the consequences for poor decisions. I'm looking forward to
receiving your devotional and I pray for a breakthrough soon in this area of my life.

AFTER (within 6 weeks): Thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding my financial situation. God has heard... I have more money in the bank now than I have ever had! I can even pay off one of my credit cards in full. I'm starting with the lowest, and using that payment on the next one... I used the missing money site and found I'm an heir... I just got a new job... Finally I'm in a place where I'll no longer struggle with finances and I've already sowed seed into several ministries that I know is good soil."

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Cassia C

"I came to Dr. Haynes for financial counseling expecting to gain more insight on how to manage my money better for before and after marriage. Not only did she meet my expectations, but with her knowledge, expertise, and applying her methods, I was able to reach one of my financial goals. This had previously seemed like an impossible feat. With Dr. Haynes' guidance and much effort, over $10,000 in credit card debt had been eliminated within just several months! I am now closer than ever on the journey to my financial freedom and am in the position to be arriving soon! What a blessing!

Thank you Dr. Haynes!"

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Wanda S

"What I have done makes me feel successful & more determined to use this format in other aspects of my life (physical, spiritual, etc). Now that I'm passed the low points or "worry" area and can see clearly, I can share with others who are where I was. I can share steps I've learned through this experience to encourage them to do the same. I can also point them your way knowing you will give them positive & precise lessons in overcoming the fear, procrastination, and negativity and become an organized and successful person."

Banking fees eliminated
Over payment of utilities refunded
Emergency account fully funded
Saving/ Giving & Fun all in budget
Everything automated - credit score up
and Best of all - Will be debt free in 6 years!!! All on a fixed income."