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7 Keys to Awaken Your Inner Fire: Cultivating Fulfillment in Every Aspect of Life

Written by Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes

This powerful one-pager gives you the strategies to unleash your full potential. In this you will learn:

  • The Smart Journey Towards a Purposeful Life
  • Secrets to Igniting Your Passion and Fanning the Flame
  • The┬áTruth about Balance and Boundaries

What People Are Saying:

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Stepping onto that stage, filled with excitement and confidence, I knew this was my moment. The stakes were high, a matter of life or death. Despite the nerves, I was armed with a powerful message that would touch hearts and move the audience to sacrificial giving. Thanks to Dr. Haynes' invaluable tips, we shattered records, raising over $127,000.

Dr. Haynes has a heart for helping others and a gift for elevating and inspiring through effective communication. Her passion to see you succeed, combined with practical advice for impactful presentations, transforms your message instantly.

Whether a novice or experienced speaker, if you aspire to be better and effectively communicate your message, working with Dr. Haynes is a must. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your speaking skills. 

Carol Fairman

Executive Director, A Center of Hope CPC Inc.

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Working with Coach Chonta has been a life-changing experience. Her exceptional coaching skills and unwavering support have helped me transform my business and brand. With her guidance, I gained clarity, unlocked my potential, and developed my God-given gifts and talents. Coach Chonta's thought-provoking questions and accountability pushed me beyond my comfort zone and helped me reach my goals. She has a true passion for helping others succeed, and her professionalism and reliability are commendable. Stepping into this new season of my life, I am grateful for Coach Chonta's instrumental role in making my business and brand a reality. Working with her has been nothing short of amazing!

Dr. Merle Rumble

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Coach Chonta entered my life during my training both as a speaker and author. Her impact was immediate and profound.

With her guidance, I completed the program in record time, exceeding my own expectations. Coach Chonta's unwavering support and encouragement pushed me to meet my targets and go beyond. In our one-on-one sessions, she helped me gain clarity on my message and create compelling offers.

Thanks to her meticulous advice, my book became a number one Amazon bestseller. Coach Chonta's coaching on delivering a signature talk empowered me to connect deeply with my audience, expand my contact list, and convert leads into clients.

If you desire a coach who will relentlessly support you in achieving your goals, Dr. Chonta Haynes is the perfect choice.

Coach Funmi Bankole

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After our one on one strategy session last week, I have made major progress.

Here's what I've accomplished so far:

1. Set up a better repayment plan with creditors.
2. Getting back on track with my bills.
3. Working on improving my budgeting skills.
4. Taking steps to rebuild my savings.
5. Still waiting for the final resolution on the mortgage modification.

All thanks to God! I'm grateful for your guidance and assistance. God bless you.

Kind regards,

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I can't say enough good things about Dr. Chonta Haynes. We have been colleagues now for a few years and she just blows me away.

She shows up fully in everything she does or we do together. Before I can even envision it, she has already completed it. A hard worker, she really will work hard for you too.

Not to mention, she has such a way with words. She can cut to the chase like no other. And talent, boy does she have that. A gifted speaker, writer and theologian, she really knows how to connect with any audience, client, colleague, or person.

Dr. Chonta is the epitome of professionalism, yet brings with it a caring concern everywhere she trods. Plus, her spirit lights up any room. If you are even considering working with or having Dr Chonta work on your behalf, look no further. She is exactly what you are looking for.  It has been my honor to labor beside her for kingdom advancement as well as in coaching others to their highest selves and lives.

Michelle Rene' Hammer, MS, LCPC

Founder - Turning Leaf Counseling, Consultation & Coaching, INC

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It is with great delight that I write this testimonial on behalf of Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes. I
have worked with her for about two years and found her to be a very impactful coach.

Her caring spirit makes you feel at ease, and it draws you in and relaxes you to the
extent that you can freely share with her what your concerns are that you need her help
with. She is generous and she uses godly wisdom in giving wise counsel. I appreciate
her professionalism, warmth, and encouraging approach which gives me confidence.

I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Dr. Chonta because I would leave
feeling refreshed and inspired. She provides practical examples that are applicable and meaningful to my situation.

If you are ready to move higher in the things of God, or if you need help in a difficult
situation and you need a coach, I recommend Dr. Chonta without hesitation.

Dr. Jasmine R. Gordon
Atlanta, Georgia