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Build your library with these books that provides you with the benefits of classroom teaching you can share with your legacy.

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Financial Wisdom For Financial Freedom

Practical Financial Stewardship


What you'll get:

  • Keys to Kingdom Financial Success
  • How to Spend Smart, Save More & Make an Impact
  • How to Fix Your Finances Forever
  • What You Don't Know About Money Management Can Cost You Everything

A marriage of finances, faith and facts exposing the schemes of forces that are putting many in bondage today.  It’s time for individuals and communities to be enlightened and freed from the bondage of debt and destructive thinking. Spiral bound workbook.  

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Not Just Paper


What you'll get:

  • How to Transform Your Thinking to Prosper
  • Grasp the Keys to Releasing Expectations and Limitations 
  • Stop allowing the Scarcity Mentality to Rob You of Joy and Peace
  • Learn the Easy Way to Walk in the Promises of God for Your Finances

Money talks and it has a lot to say about you!  

It speaks of your passions, your character, your discipline, your love and your work ethic.  Align yourself with proven principles to soar to abundant living.  Grasp these concepts and watch the ripple effect on all those you impact.

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Destined To Prosper:

Align your Biblical Financial Personality with Strategies to Build Wealth and Abundance

What you'll get:

  • A Proven Money Management Solution for personal finances, business and marriage
  • How to Gain Financial Peace without going against Your Genius
  • Remove the Struggle from Money Management

A new approach to unlock keys to smart money management. With wisdom from Biblical stories, you’ll confidently navigate strengths and challenges building a plan to create a successful financial future. Flip the script on how you handle money to maximize a life of abundance.


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Divinely Connected: Steps to Fearless Financial Freedom

What you'll get:

  • The Strategies focusing on God's wisdom to improve stewardship
  • The Keys to worship God as He intervenes in your circumstances
  • The Secrets to inspire action and good financial decision making
  • The Smart way to attack weekly challenges with confidence

In this transforming 52 week devotional planner, you will step into the flow of your divine relationship empowering you to gain clarity by:          

Restoring Your Soul &
Refreshing Your Finances 
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Divinely Connected:

Sister 2 Sister


Come along my sister, let’s do life this year together …

Sisters in Christ have a strong connection. Looking to please God, we wrestle with acceptance, balance and self-care. Cut from different cloths but experiencing life from a side of vulnerability that men don’t understand.

  • We talk randomly, we give details and we feel deeply
  • We hurt and need hugs
  • We harbor secrets and need to share
  • We accomplish much and should be celebrated
  • We give all to others and need to be poured into
  • We need each other, so let’s rejoice and weep together

Grab your girl and join me as we deal with life issues… sister to sister.

Discovering the life changing promises of God’s word. Weathering the storms of life and navigating the seasons of change.

Come let us meet at the well

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Divinely Connected:

Praying Through Life's Struggles


We all have them – changes in seasons, major life events, unexpected surprises. We are on our knees fighting from victory knowing God is our champion. When we take our battles to the One who has the power to change things, we win. When we war on our knees we stop fighting our brothers and sisters, we all win. When we ask God to intervene, we grow and change. When we wait on the Lord, we renew our strength.

  • It’s the Daniel keeping the lions at bay prayers
  • It’s the fiery furnace prayers
  • It’s the rain stopping and sun halting prayers
  • It’s the mountain moving prayers
  • It’s the no words Hannah praying prayers
  • It’s the jail breaking prayers

Prayers for breakthrough, deliverance, soul stirring and healing.

Standing on the promises of God expecting a manifestation and walking victoriously!

Ready to fight?


What People Are Saying:

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Cyndi S

"BEFORE: I'm sitting here in tears listening to your message. I'm so discouraged about my financial situation and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm $9000 in credit card debt and it's sucking the life out of me. I've been struggling financially FOR YEARS and I'm tired. I want to believe God will turn it around but I also know I have to pay the consequences for poor decisions. I'm looking forward to
receiving your devotional and I pray for a breakthrough soon in this area of my life.

AFTER (within 6 weeks): Thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding my financial situation. God has heard... I have more money in the bank now than I have ever had! I can even pay off one of my credit cards in full. I'm starting with the lowest, and using that payment on the next one... I used the missing money site and found I'm an heir... I just got a new job... Finally I'm in a place where I'll no longer struggle with finances and I've already sowed seed into several ministries that I know is good soil."

RE: Divinely Connected: Steps To Fearless Financial Freedom

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Pastor R. Walter 

"For years I have listen to many different messages and teachings about money, but always with an open mind. I have compared the things I have heard with the teachings of the Bible and found that most of it was not lining up with the intent with which God had intended. However when I started reading Dr. Haynes book “Not Just Paper” it was very refreshing because of the heart which she teaches about money without any other motive other than helping others to be financially sound. I have also started teaching this information in the prison which I volunteer and it's well received. Thank You Dr. Haynes for allowing God to use you."

RE: Not Just Paper

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Dr. Haynes writes for any ages, from 11 to 100. The book demonstrates the need for persons to break-the-cycle of poverty through their actions and their belief(s) in God. The author, Dr. Haynes, writes so that laypersons can determine how present and past lives are similar. The book is well-written for those in need of truth and the blessing of God. 


A Must read! This book should be on everyone’s must read list. Get a copy for a friend!

W. A. Johnson

Learning Godly principles about money management is important in our development of our sense of spiritual accountability. Money is more than just paper. Let it work for you

Evelyn Y Puisseau

This book helped me tremendously! To understand money from a biblical perspective is key to the financial health of a believer! Thank you!!!!

Re: Not Just Paper

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Curran Lane 

When we think of the Bible or even church, we tend to shy away from or flat out avoid the topic of money. However, learning about finances from a Biblical perspective is something that exists and that is what this book provides. This book is a life changing read because you learn about money and what you must do to remain living in abundance while referencing God's Word. I recommend the book "Not Just Paper" for anyone who is just getting started financially or someone who is well established, there is something for all in this book. 

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Caleb V. 

I've had Dr. Haynes for financial counseling and a course on Biblical finances. At first was a bit of a shock because of how I grew up not knowing anything about responsible stewardship. After a while I was convinced of what she was teaching and it helped me grow especially in being faithful in the area of giving. Overall it has been encouraging and transformational. 

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Denise B 

"to following the advice in your book... I found $2500 by selling a camper I wasn't using but paying storage on. Now my emergency fund is over $7000 and I have the storage fee of $150/month freed up in my budget. Life will force you to take steps... glad I'm on the right path now." 


"1 Tip saved me $2400!!"

RE: Financial Wisdom For Financial Freedom 

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Bianca F. 

Dr. Haynes Financial Freedom book is awesome! The exercises in the book are very helpful in guiding you on how to get your finances in order. This book is a huge encouragement and is very useful in getting your finances right based on God's Word. Thank you! 

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Shirley A. Crews Taylor 

Very Helpful! I really enjoyed the biblical perspective of this book. It was an easy read with excellent examples and practical application. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Blessings,

Shirley A. Crews Taylor SAC Creations 

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Jasmine Thomas 

Very informative and worth every penny!! 

Machelle Haynes  

The book is outstanding.

RE: Financial Wisdom For Financial Freedom: Practical Financial Stewardship