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Do you want a deeper relationship, but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?
We’ve built an online bookstore that provides you with the benefits of live training, without the constraints.


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Divinely Connected Bundle

Get the entire Devotional Bundle

Perhaps it is the moment God speaks to you clearly each week, giving you instructions for your next steps in your divine relationship...

or my sister we do life together this year and weather the storms of life and the seasons of change, discovering the life-changing promises of God's word...

or maybe we pray powerful prayers for breakthrough, deliverance and soul-stirring healing, standing on the promises of God expecting the manifestation... 

Let's plan to walk in victory and fight like a girl!


Includes one of each book:

  • Steps to Fearless Financial Freedom (52 week planner)
  •   Sister 2 Sister  (365 day planner) 
  • Praying Through Life's Struggles
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Divinely Connected: Steps to Fearless Financial Freedom


Perhaps this is the moment God speaks to you clearly. Have you ever wished for step by step instructions on what to do each week?

What you'll get:

  • The Strategies focusing on God's wisdom to improve stewardship
  • The Keys to worship God as He intervenes in your circumstances
  • The Secrets to inspire action and good financial decision making
  • The Smart way to attack weekly challenges with confidence


In this transforming 52 week devotional planner, you will step into the flow of your divine relationship empowering you to gain clarity by:          

Restoring Your Soul &
Refreshing Your Finances 
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Sister 2 Sister


Come along my sister, let’s do life this year together …

Sisters in Christ have a strong connection. Looking to please God, we wrestle with acceptance, balance and self-care. Cut from different cloths but experiencing life from a side of vulnerability that men don’t understand. 

  • We talk randomly, we give details and we feel deeply 
  • We hurt and need hugs
  • We harbor secrets and need to share
  • We accomplish much and should be celebrated
  • We give all to others and need to be poured into
  • We need each other, so let’s rejoice and weep together

Grab your girl and join me as we deal with life issues… sister to sister. 

Discovering the life changing promises of God’s word. Weathering the storms of life and navigating the seasons of change. 

Come let us meet at the well

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Praying Through Life's Struggles


We all have them – changes in seasons, major life events, unexpected surprises. We are on our knees fighting from victory knowing God is our champion. When we take our battles to the One who has the power to change things, we win. When we war on our knees we stop fighting our brothers and sisters, we all win. When we ask God to intervene, we grow and change. When we wait on the Lord, we renew our strength. 

  • It’s the Daniel keeping the lions at bay prayers
  • It’s the fiery furnace prayers
  • It’s the rain stopping and sun halting prayers 
  • It’s the mountain moving prayers
  • It’s the no words Hannah praying prayers
  • It’s the jail breaking prayers

Prayers for breakthrough, deliverance, soul stirring and healing.

Standing on the promises of God expecting a manifestation and walking victoriously!

Ready to fight?

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What People Are Saying:

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Cyndi S

"BEFORE: I'm sitting here in tears listening to your message. I'm so discouraged about my financial situation and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm $9000 in credit card debt and it's sucking the life out of me. I've been struggling financially FOR YEARS and I'm tired. I want to believe God will turn it around but I also know I have to pay the consequences for poor decisions. I'm looking forward to
receiving your devotional and I pray for a breakthrough soon in this area of my life.

AFTER (within 6 weeks): Thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding my financial situation. God has heard... I have more money in the bank now than I have ever had! I can even pay off one of my credit cards in full. I'm starting with the lowest, and using that payment on the next one... I used the missing money site and found I'm an heir... I just got a new job... Finally I'm in a place where I'll no longer struggle with finances and I've already sowed seed into several ministries that I know is good soil."

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Cassia C

"I came to Dr. Haynes for financial counseling expecting to gain more insight on how to manage my money better for before and after marriage. Not only did she meet my expectations, but with her knowledge, expertise, and applying her methods, I was able to reach one of my financial goals. This had previously seemed like an impossible feat. With Dr. Haynes' guidance and much effort, over $10,000 in credit card debt had been eliminated within just several months! I am now closer than ever on the journey to my financial freedom and am in the position to be arriving soon! What a blessing!

Thank you Dr. Haynes!"

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Wanda S

"What I have done makes me feel successful & more determined to use this format in other aspects of my life (physical, spiritual, etc). Now that I'm passed the low points or "worry" area and can see clearly, I can share with others who are where I was. I can share steps I've learned through this experience to encourage them to do the same. I can also point them your way knowing you will give them positive & precise lessons in overcoming the fear, procrastination, and negativity and become an organized and successful person."

Banking fees eliminated
Over payment of utilities refunded
Emergency account fully funded
Saving/ Giving & Fun all in budget
Everything automated - credit score up
and Best of all - Will be debt free in 6 years!!! All on a fixed income."