Throwback - I'm Trying to See Something Part 4 Lord, Equip Me

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Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes, Amazon Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Coach helping you put feet to your faith so that you can walk victoriously! Visit for more encouragement and inspiration .


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Spiritual Development:


God and our trust in Him and His word can get us through many of life’s challenges… well it’s the application of the word that allows it to work in our lives.  


Here at Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries ( we believe in the promises of God and we stand on them but if you don’t know what the promises are … you are lost. 

Whether it’s a prayer, Bible study or Biblical messages, we are here to help change your life through God’s word! Our mission is to provide Transformative Biblically Based Truths through educational products that empower.


Whether it’s a prayer, Bible study or Biblical message, we are here to help change your life through God’s word!

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Emotional & Personal Development:


God is a refuge and our strength. Protecting your vessel and adjusting your crown is imperative to weather the storms of life. 


Women devastated by loss (divorce, widowed, etc.) you are treasured vessels.

I empower women devastated by the double Ds - divorce or death - to gain confidence to live life on their terms with peace and financial security. 

If that’s you…This is for you


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Financial Development:

The greatest source for financial wisdom is the Bible. At Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries we share Biblical Financial Principles that every Christian should know!  


These financial principles have had a deep impact on my life and the lives of others! This video is to educate and get us all familiar with what God's word says about money.  The goal is for us to get more inline with what God has intended for us, as we are all works in progress and are growing in our faith!

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