Crown Adjusting Empowering Morning Affirmations for Wellness & Positivity

Dr. Chonta Haynes from Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries leads a discussion on empowering morning affirmations for wellness and positivity. She starts with a prayer acknowledging gratitude and asking for guidance. Then, she emphasizes the importance of starting the day right with affirmations to solidify one's mindset, change thought processes, and move forward confidently. Throughout the discussion, she recites affirmations focused on gratitude, purpose, positivity, wellness, and divine alignment, drawing inspiration from biblical verses. Dr. Haynes encourages viewers to internalize these affirmations and offers one-on-one strategy sessions for deeper personal growth.

**Show Notes:**
- Introduction and prayer for guidance and gratitude.
- Emphasis on starting the day with empowering affirmations.
- Recitation of morning affirmations focused on wellness, positivity, purpose, and divine alignment.
- Encouragement to internalize affirmations and believe in their power.
- Offer for one-on-one strategy sessions with Dr. Chonta Haynes for personal growth. ( )
- Invitation to subscribe to the channel, share the content, and stay updated on future messages.
- Closing remarks and blessings.

**Time Stamps:**
- 0:00:00.360 - Introduction and prayer
- 0:02:04.480 - Emphasizing the importance of affirmations
- 0:03:15.320 - Reciting morning affirmations
- 0:12:28.000 - Invitation to one-on-one strategy sessions and channel subscription
- 0:15:06.280 - Closing remarks

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