Unleash Your Inner Queen: Reframe, Reinvent & Reimagine Your Life

coaching confidence mindset and goals reframe reimagine reinvent vision May 23, 2024

Are you ready to stop playing small and start reigning confidently as the queen you were born to be? I'm Dr. Chonta Haynes, and I'm here to empower you to unleash your inner royalty through proven strategies for reframing your story, reinventing yourself, and reimagining an incredible future.


We all go through immense life challenges that can shake our foundation and cause us to forget our worth. For me, it was a devastating divorce, job loss as a theology professor, becoming an empty nester, and a crippling identity crisis - all amid the chaos of COVID-19. My crown was nowhere to be found as I hid away in the shadows.


But I realized that my credentials didn't define me. My spiritual fortitude was the key to resilience. With renewed faith as my compass, I charted a new path to rediscover the radiant queen within.  


Reframe Your Story to Find the "Collateral Beauty"


The first step in unleashing your inner royalty is to reframe your story. Just as you set boundaries by framing a house, you must establish new boundaries for your mindset. Don't let struggles convince you that life is happening TO you. Shift your perspective to see them as divinely ordained experiences happening FOR you.


Yes, even life's detours are leading you to greater destinations where your purpose can shine! Your pain has a purpose to shape you into the proud, resilient queen you're meant to be.


Recognize that the Lord is your true provider and protector - you don't need the opinion or approval of anyone else.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator. Understand your immense worth, then add tax!  


During your reframing journey, I encourage you to journal about your strengths, skills, talents, and motivational gifts. Find the "collateral beauty" that emerged from even your darkest valleys. Water a garden of future promises, not one of regret.


Lean into the unique abilities God has blessed you with and follow the path that leads to your calling. You may have to change your lens and adjust your crown, but a brilliant new vision is waiting to be unlocked.


Reinvent Yourself By Discovering Your Passion 


The process of reframing reveals that some versions of your life have expired - so it's time to reinvent yourself! Bury the mindsets, habits, and situations that no longer serve your purpose. At the same time, you'll reignite passions within that make your heart sing with joy.


To reinvent means getting back to the radiant, authentic woman you were designed to be. Rediscover what brings you alive by asking "What makes my heart dance?" Then bestow your unique blend of talents to make a powerful impact on the lives of others.


I can't continue sacrificing myself for everyone else's desires, like making everyone's preferred scrambled eggs when I actually like mine fried hard! Let go of people-pleasing and prioritize the spark that fuels your soul.


When you focus on being a transformation catalyst for others, their joy becomes your joy. There's no greater privilege than witnessing empowered women hit Amazon bestseller lists, rock the stage as confident speakers, or renew their value of self during our coaching sessions.


It's time to give the royal queenly wave "bye bye" to your former self-suppressing habits. Arise, Queen, in the fullness of who you are and what you're capable of achieving!


Reimagine Your Future With Refined Vision


The final key to unleashing your inner queen is to reimagine your future through a refined lens. Your life story and spiritual journey have uniquely prepared you to carry any crosses that once felt too heavy to bear.


Envision where you want to be 3-5 years from now as if everything you wrote will come to pass. What hopes and dreams are on your bucket list? Start putting action towards them today.


Ask God for the wisdom, resources, and strategies you'll need to accomplish each milestone on your path. Be willing to get outside your comfort zone, be vulnerable, and continue developing skills to walk in your purpose. Surround yourself with advisors and a support system committed to your Queenly transformation.


The Bible promises that your future will be far greater than your past if you can only see it clearly. Identify whatever has caused distorted, rain-smeared vision. Maybe life's disappointments gave you clouded, smudged lenses. Take those off and adjust your crown because the view of your divine destiny is crystal clear now!


You were created for such a time as this. There are people you're destined to serve and inspire through your unique capabilities. So no more dulling your shine and playing small. It's time to radiate as the brilliant, unstoppable woman of royalty you've always been!


Take Back Your Reign Starting Today


My sister, you were made for more than a mundane, mediocre existence, always sacrificing for others' dreams. Your cup is meant to overflow with passion, purpose, time freedom, and soul-fulfilling work that impacts lives. 


I'm here to guide you in reclaiming your rightful reign. Visit ChontaHaynes.com/vision to schedule a Free Vision Breakthrough Strategy Session. Together, we'll reframe the negative narratives, reinvent your approach to life, and reimagine a future where your queenly light shines unobstructed.


Whether rebuilding after heartbreak or birthing your destined business or book vision, it's time to finally adjust your crown and step into the throne room you were royally created to occupy. Your day of coronation has arrived, Queen - unleash the radiant spirit within!